File Guidelines

Giving us the best quality files helps us eliminate errors and delays. Below is a list of common file types and recommended settings.


  • 1-color, solid (no screens) - Color mode "Bitmap", actual size, 1200 pixels per inch
  • 1-color, has screens - Color mode "Grayscale", actual size, 800 pixels per inch
  • 2-color (or more) - Split into 1 TIF per color using the above settings
  • 4-color process - Color mode "CMYK", 600 pixels per inch


  • Not recommended.


  • All fonts converted to outlines
  • 1-color - Color should be 100% K with no other colors present (In Adobe Acrobat Advanced > Print Production > Output Preview)
  • 2-color (or more) - Check color separations (In Adobe Acrobat Advanced > Print Production > Output Preview)
  • Embedded raster art should conform to the same pixels/inch as TIF above

InDesign, Quark Xpress, Publisher, etc.

  • Please export your file as a high resolution PDF

If your item has printing that goes to the edge of the paper, please provide art that extends at least 1/8" beyond the edge and includes crop marks.

Spot Colors with Transparencies (EPS/PDF)
If you are sending us a file that uses both spot colors and transparencies in an EPS or PDF file, please convert the spot color to a process color such as 100% Cyan.